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The term antivirus online panda frequently refers to any software which displays advertisements, whether or not the user has consented. Programs such as the Eudora mail client display advertisements as an alternative to shareware registration fees. These classify as \"freevirusscans \" in the sense of advertising-supported software, but not as spyware. macintosh anti virus program in this form does not operate surreptitiously or mislead the user, and provides the user with a specific service. Most top antivirus programs is spyware in a different sense than \"advertising-supported software,\" for a different reason: it displays advertisements related to what it finds from spying on you. Claria Corporation\'s Gator Software and Exact Advertising\'s BargainBuddy are examples. Visited Web sites frequently install Gator on client machines in a surreptitious manner, and it directs revenue to the installing site and to Claria by displaying advertisements to the user. The user receives many pop-up advertisements. Other spyware behavior, such as reporting on websites the user visits, occurs in the background. The data is used for \"targeted\" advertisement impressions. The prevalence of spyware has cast suspicion upon other programs that track Web browsing, even for statistical or research purposes. Some observers describe the Alexa Toolbar, an Internet Explorer plug-in published by Amazon.com, as spyware, and some anti-spyware programs such as Ad-Aware report it as such. Many of these detecting computer viruses distributing companies are backed by millions of dollars of orphan virus -generating revenues. ez antivirus 2005 crack and spyware are similar to viruses in that they can be malicious in nature, however, people are now profitting from these threats making them more and more popular. link1: free antivirus and spyware software link2: anti anti etrust free spyware virus link3: online free virus scans link4: anti bit defender download free virus link5: trendmicro antivirus download link6: anti virus protection http://infostore.org/info/5558593 anti download free mac software virus http://infostore.org/info/5558614 virus and spy ware http://infostore.org/info/5558624 housecall antivirus online scan http://infostore.org/info/5558651 free anti virus program reviews http://infostore.org/info/5558676 download anti virus free http://infostore.org/user/spywaresoft anti virus program